Art to Remember- Still going strong!

Parents, Friends, & Family,

“Art to Remember” brochures will be going home with your artists as early as next week. Some of our artists have some real detailed work to finish but it is worth the wait! Enjoy some of our artist’s work below… Stay tuned for GIS Art Studio updates!

002 Dylan and Olivia- 5th Grade

013Andy Litle- 4th Grade and our “Artist of the Month!”

014Kenzie- 5th Grade  015  Audrey- 5th Grade016 Trinity- 5th Grade  017Jon- 5th Grade.





GIS art students are working on their Art To Remember compositions and getting the new year off to a great start! Here are some of our 5th grade artists and their work- Enjoy!

Whit M. 5th Grade-         whit drawing

Sophie- 5th grade       sophie palm tree

Caitlin F. 5th Grade         caitlin F

Liv 5th Grade- Liv art to remember


6th Grade Boys- Anthony, Shane, and Gavin complete their Art To Remember with plenty of time to spare !! Great Work GIS Artists!



The summer is over and we are back, in full force, for a wonderful and exciting school year. The art studio is gearing up for another creative school year and our artists seem up to the challenge!


Stay tuned for updates, projects, photos, and more from our Intermediate Art Studio!


Science in the Art Room….

6th grade artists are working on silk batiks, their inspiration- Plant and Animal Cells! I know, sounds like a stretch but there is a natural connection between biology, nature, and their inspiration for artists. Look at what we are doing…

cells 3

Jack, Cameron, & Nate…. 6.3b

cells 2

Batik Project- Ella, 6.3b

Ella Cells


Expressive Art

January was a busy month in the GIS Art Studio. All grades are working with new and familiar materials but in new, unusual ways! The featured artwork on this post includes 4th grade student Jack and his “Jim Dine” inspired heart composition. Students are exploring how to divide their plane (paper) and work with expressive color using oil pastels. 4th grade students have also been working with the similarities and differences between simulated and actual textures and how best to use them in their work.

Jack, 4th Grade, beginning stages of a final copy.


Fifth grade students did a wonderful job discussing their artworks and the work of others using their art vocabulary. Students chose the criteria in which to use discuss their work and make connections between art skills and the concept or big idea behind their work. Fifth grade students also enjoyed a portion of the Robert Frost poem, “Birches”, and used his descriptive language as inspiration for their landscapes.

IMG_0892     IMG_0891            IMG_0893

Niamh, 5th grade.






4th Grade Cookie Color Wheels!!

Hello GIS Students and Parents…

Next week, we will journey through our color theory unit using something we all love- cookies 🙂 Please click on the 4th grade studio tab, which is located right above this post, and find more details… Enjoy!!