6th Grade Art Studio



6th grade students are finishing up their dream tree house compositions. Our artists are drawing a realistic composition using 2-point perspective to draw a 3-dimensional cube. The cube is designed into a tree house of our dreams. I have students drawing 3-dimensional houses that are in the shape of a cupcake, a box of popcorn sitting up in a tree branch with popcorn pieces falling down to the ground, and tree houses stocked with cupcake and milkshake stations. You will be impressed with the creativity shown by our artists. The guidelines required students to create a 3D tree house, a tree, and background that support the theme of their designs. Stay tuned for photographs of their finished products!

6th Grade Art Club is working hard on “Jump Rope 4 Heart” t-shirt desgins. I am sure that one of our creative artists will be chosen, stay tuned!

IMG_0897  Before….         &           AFTER ——- art club crazy

Today I learned something new from my awesome 6th grade art club! The photo on the left is BEFORE we used Pixlr and the 2nd photo has been edited in less than 5 minutes! I can’t wait to see what they do next…stay tuned!


IMG_0923                                              IMG_0924

Samantha 6.2 Lyrics Project   Helen 6.1 Water color Leaves           Hannah 6.4

6th grade artists are busy in the studio working on their clay projects and exploring the concept of identity. Students will  create a 3-dimensional cube using white clay and design the outside walls to symbolize their personalities or reflect their identity traits. Let’s take a look at some of our artists at work!062 063 064 065 066 067


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