5th Grade Art Studio

What is happening in the 5th grade art studio?

Our 5th grade artists are finishing up their personal narratives in their language arts class and I thought it would be great to use their narrative as the research and inspiration for our next project: Portraits! 5th grade artists will use their personal narratives as inspiration to think about what they might want to do when they grow up. Haven’t we all thought of this question before? Now, 5th graders can create a cartoon style or minimalist style of drawing to create a self-portrait. The portrait will incorporate clues into what they might want to be when they grow up. If a student wanted to be a police officer, a badge or hat might be present to give us that clue. We are turning our oral history into our visual future! Stay tuned for photographs of our process.


5th Grade students enjoy weaving with the plain weave stich on a cardboard loom. The finished products will be on display at the Music and Art Show- MAY 2nd, 2012.

IMG_0894Congratulations to Sarah and Anna! These GIS Fifth Grade students have letters published in the new book, “A letter to My Dog”, and a photo featuring them along with their canine friends! The writing assignment was in connection to a fourth grade project from last school year and the book is just now available in print. I purchased this book and am having both students sign my copy! What a great achievement.


Fifth grade students are working on a birch tree landscape which is inspired by the poem, “birches”, by Robert Frost. Our artists used watercolor paint to create a night sky and the negative space as snow drifts. Students added salt to create a frost like texture in the sky and on the snow drifts. I was impressed by how our students were able to use masking tape in new and unusual ways. Students ripped and bent the tape to create a tall birch trunk. Then, they painted over the page and pulled the tape away, revealing a textured negative space. Students used brown paint to represent the peeling bark that birches are known for.

Some of our fifth grade artists are working on their weaving projects, inspried by Dale Chihuly and the Navajo Native Americans. They are working with multiple textures, color, and types of  yarn and string. Stay tuned for the finished display!

IMG_0921                   IMG_0922



Starring… Abby, JoJo, Allison, Sophie

Produced by: Mrs. Tucker

Music and motif intro provided by: Ms. Axel

5th grade students create their own shadow puppets, leitmotifs, music, and scripts based on the popular Aesop’s Fabels. Here is some of their work- if you would like to see your 5th graders puppets and photos, please email me your name, students name, and homeroom teacher and I will post them right here! Stay tuned…..


JoJo, Allison, Abby,Sophie present their shadow show- "The Pitcher and The Crow".

JoJo, Allison, Abby,Sophie present their shadow show- “The Pitcher and The Crow”.

IMG_0505 IMG_0506 IMG_0507

This month, our

GIS hallways are displaying our 5th grade “Graffiti” style name tag projects. Our 5th grade artists viewed and discussed photographs of mural style art found all over the United States. They drew inspiration from the murals use of over exaggerated lettering and the elements of art and design. The elements were used to create texture, shape, form, and color within our students personalized compositions. One of the requirements for this project challenged our artists to create a design based on their own names. Enjoy!


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