4th Grade Art Studio

4th Grade Artists have completed their “Pumpkin Patch” chalk pastel drawings. Students organized, planned, and visualized for this project through sketch drawings and a “pass and speak” story technique used to help students visualize their compositions before they begin drawing. Once the preliminary work was complete, student’s created a pumpkin composition using a still life that included a real pumpkin. Our 4th grade artists used the real pumpkin as a visual to engage in life drawing, or drawing from real life. They used black construction paper as the pumpkin patch setting was a night, with a full moon, and rolling hills. Students practiced identifying art principles such as contour lines and shading or value. Their work is currently on display in the art and music hallway. Our next project moves from realism into the world of expressionism, which is a real switch from what we have been doing. We will study Kandinsky and discuss how he listened to music to then express his feelings through his paintings…. Imagine that MUSIC is what color sounds like!

Jim Dine, Cincinnati artist, explores texture in both his paintings and sculptures. He has a quirky take on a commonly used symbol-  hearts. Our 4th grade students are exploring texture, both actual and simulated, throughout this project. Above is an expressive piece by Jack. He folded his paper into many sections and divided up his compostion before drawing a large heart. He is now using oil pastels to create simulated texture and will use ripped tissue paper and Mod Podge to create actual texture in some of the empty sections.

Enjoy some of our cookie color wheels and our great artists doing some great work!!

If you want to see a picture of your student- send me an email with your name, your child’s name, and

their teacher’s name- I will be sure to post it right here !! 🙂

Showing off their color mixing skills.

Showing off their color mixing skills.

Addison, Gwen, J, Sophie create and eat their color wheels.

Addison, Gwen, J, Sophie create and eat their color wheels.

4th Grade mixes and designs cookie color wheels!

4th Grade mixes and designs cookie color wheels!

IMG_0444 IMG_0446 IMG_0448 IMG_0454 IMG_0458 IMG_0459

Let’s give it up for the 4th grade…. They did a great job mixing primary colors and creating their wheels… AND eating their hard work 🙂

It is that time 4th Grade…. The Cookie Color Wheel!! They have earned it and coming home with each student will be a permission slip with more information. You can print off another slip(below),  if needed. I invite you to see below for more details! Thanks- Mrs. Tucker

Dear 4th Parents, guardians, & family,

Our 4th grade artists have been working hard in the art studio! We are right in the middle of our Color Theory Unit and we are ready for a new twist on an old classic. 4th grade students have created a color wheel, using primary and secondary colors. They have learned the Spanish words for all three primary colors. Now, I am excited to say they have earned the next lesson, which is the Cookie Color Wheel. We will use a sugar cookie as the wheel and we will do our best color mixing using different shades of frosting! I know that some students have different needs and an alternative to the classic sugar cookie may be in order. If you have a student that can’t eat or work with a sugar cookie- PLEASE LET ME KNOW by Friday, November 30th. You can make arrangements to send a snack or alternative cookie with your student. You can use this permission slip to communicate with me; you can call or email me to inform me of the alternative that you would like for me to provide. Please check the art studio website for more information and photographs of this fun and informative lesson- tuckergranvilleart.wordpress.com

________ Yes- my student may participate in the cookie color wheel lesson. (sign here please_________________)

_________NO- I will be sending my student with an alternative snack.

_________Check here if you have an attached note.

Thanks-  Amanda Tucker, Art Educator, GIS


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