Granville Art Studio: Kick off 2015!

Welcome to the GIS Art Studio! Our MLK district art show was a huge success as we had over 700 in attendance this year! 4th graders just finished up their color theory and cookie color wheels, 5th grade artists created birch tree landscapes, and 6th grade student finish up their Lyrics Value Project. Stay tuned for updates!


Caroline C. 6th Grade 50/50 MLK and ME mask.


Seb and Marni M., 5th graders, show off their MLK inspired stained glass.


IMG_4524 IMG_4525 IMG_4526

5th Grade Stained Glass artists: Alaina & Willow.  While 4th grader, Sydney, stands with her MLK inspired painting.

IMG_4528Mrs. Tucker and Colby, 4th grader, visit his “Inspired by the Dream” artwork.

IMG_4529 4th Grade student, Kyra,  created her “Dream” painting by making a glue resist and chalk pastel composition.

IMG_4530   Claire Garland and Ava Studer share their MLK masks at the district’s”Inspired by the Dream” art show.

IMG_4532   Lily B. and Ava M. share their time by serving at the MLK art show set-up and food drive. We are lucky to have such giving students.


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