4th Grade Cookie Color Wheels!!

Hello GIS Students and Parents…

Next week, we will journey through our color theory unit using something we all love- cookies 🙂 Please click on the 4th grade studio tab, which is located right above this post, and find more details… Enjoy!!


5th Grade Name Tag Project

This month, our GIS hallways are displaying our 5th grade “Graffiti” style name tag projects. Our 5th grade artists viewed and discussed photographs of mural style art found all over the United States. They drew inspiration from the murals use of over exaggerated lettering and the elements of art and design. The elements were used to create texture, shape, form, and color within our students personalized compositions. A requirement for this project challenged our artists to create a design based on their own names. Enjoy!

Steffen, a 5th grade student, chooses to use his middle name as a unique way to think about identity.