Welcome to the GIS Art Studio

Welcome to the GIS Art Studio webpage.  This school year, our artists will be reviewing the Elements of Art and Design (EOAD) and using them in both classic and innovative ways.

4th grade students will use the EOAD vocabulary to describe various visual effects within their artworks. Our artists will defend and write about their personal art making techniques. I assessed their work by asking each 4th grade student to show a visual example along with a description of their artistic process and use of the elements. I was so impressed by their use of art vocabulary and ability to discuss their own work. Our 4th grade “Shaded Pumpkin” drawings were a great success and are on their way to display in our GIS hallways.

Our 5th grade students reviewed the EOAD and used them to create a name tag that incorporated all of the elements along with their own personal designs. Students were asked view and discuss various mural style paintings included some that use text or words. Students made connections to how personal experiences and the context of an object can affect an artworks meaning. Each student then had to use the letters of their name in a personalized style. There were able to chose and manipulate oil pastels and various art materials to create their finished products. At the end of the unit, students were asked three questions about the EOAD and were asked to show a visual example of the elements.

6th grade students reviewed the EOAD and worked through an artistic process that began with viewing and discussing leaf photography. After their discussion of frame, point of view, and contrast students decided to use realism in their personal artworks.  They were able to make artistic decisions in the art studio that they were able to back up or justify. 6th grade students manipulated watercolor paint to create a grid of several watercolor techniques that could be used in their final paintings. Once their preliminary work was complete, they created a final leaf painting using various art materials. Please choose your artist’s tab which is organized by grade at the top of this page. I look forward to a great year in the art studio.